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Spinal cord injury is devastating and could happen to any of us, at any time.

In the UK alone, someone has a spinal cord injury EVERY EIGHT HOURS .

The suicide rate for people with a spinal cord injury is FIVE TIMES  the national average.

Back Up’s courses, mentoring and support services have been proven to significantly improve the confidence, wellbeing and independence of people that have used them, yet we can only currently provide this support to half of the newly injured population.

With your help, we plan to raise £250,000 to make sure that we can reach at least 60% of those newly injured. 

Where will that money go?

Our research shows us that we need to do more to reach a broader range of people affected by a spinal cord injury.

We will use your donations to:

  • Reach more people over 50 (the largest growing group of people sustaining a spinal cord injury) and run courses and services that meet their needs
  • Develop more services that are suitable for people with higher level injuries 
  • Cover the higher care costs associated with taking increased numbers of people with more complicated spinal cord injuries on courses
  • Expand the mentoring service to support family members of people with spinal cord injury.  The demand for this service area has increased dramatically over the last year.
  • Further develop opportunities for young people and children with spinal cord injury to gain confidence and independence
  • Fund training weekends for our volunteers over the next two years that will improve the quality and reach of our services

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Every gift you donate helps us to help more people rebuild their lives after spinal cord injury.

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