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Yasmin's story

In 2008 I was fit and healthy and had never been in hospital for anything. I was working as a solicitor and generally loved life. But then one evening, when I was alone in my flat, I had a stroke of the spinal cord.

In hospital, once it had dawned on me that I was going to be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life, I was in disbelief and just could not visualise the future.

After I had been on a Back Up course I could feel that I had turned a corner. My friends and family noticed it. I was with people who understood the frustrations of being in a chair. I knew that I was going to be OK and I felt a sense of community.

When I was in hospital I never imagined that I would be living on my own again, back to work as a solicitor, travelling and getting back to feeling like me again. That's what Back Up has done for me - it's helped me not only do the ordinary things in life, which we all take for granted, but it also helped me carry out the extraordinary!


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